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Thursday, May 04, 2006

in between finals

I am currently sitting in the library after having finished my first final on sexual diversity. oddly enough, i felt like it was the easiest test we have taken thus far in that class. i just typed up my answers to my 4 questions for thom's class and i think they are also good. i really hope i do well this semester. i think i realllly like telecomm and am pretty good at it. i am still unsure of which field i want to go into, but pretty soon i will know. I am going to finish off in T206, which is production, but in reality I want to do audio production. We saw a special on Foley artists and I think they are so neat and if you good at being a Foley artist, you are set for life. I would really like to have an internship through Steve, but we will see about that.
This week has been pretty boring/great. I did not go to work today because I was up so late studying, playing literati (online form of scrabble) and eating cheesecake. I played Literati against Brent and Steve and won! It was so exciting, but I will admit I used a helped. I went to and they actually make words for you after you type in your letters, which is pretty neat. Steve questioned some of my words, but they were legit. Playing with boys though, they created disgusting words that made me laugh, but at the same time....WHAT!?
I am going to Pittsburgh tomorrow for the weekend for Eddie Weisberg's daughters bat mitzvah. I think one of my suitcases is going to be too heavy to take on the plane without paying an extra 25 dollars...ugh. I am so stupid cause I had my stuff stored on Wednesday, when in reality I should have waited until today, but I also thought I would be going to work. I do enjoy not working, but at the same time I love money. Crap I forgot to put my name on my time card...oh well. Hopefully they will figure it out. Ok i am going to go walk home now on this beautiful 75 degree day out. Like thanks weather for just becoming super nice yesterday, the day before we go home.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

merd is here!!!

MEREDITH JILL KARETNY CAME TO INDIANA THIS WEEKEND!!! It was the funnest. I have never had a real live visitor, and like I absolutely made her sleep in the cold dorm on day one. She slept above me in a bunk bed...almost like CP style but like it was different. Today day 2, we went to get bubble tea and they had different colored bubbles than the B.T. in College Park and Merd did not get it. Like ehh sorry merdella?
Tonight we went to see Straight no Chaser, the boys acapella group. I obviously loved it, because that group is one of my favorite things at IU, and they had all of the alumni (well like allegedly 25 of em) come and sing along. It was so nice and fun. Andrew Landau's brother was in SNC and came back to sing. WAYYY cuter than Andrew.
So basically our room looks like doody. Like I have finished all classes for sophomore year!!! WOOHOOO and now packing is taking place and it is almost out of contrizz. Merd and I will sleep on the futon tonite, where it is luckily clear cause majority of our boxes are in the hallway. Rachel Pawlow's box people drive from Chicago to IU and move her boxes like into her house. It's potententially the nicest of all things. Like service wanna drive from Mass and get my stuff and drive 16 hours to the ham please?
Also, Libby and I bought packing tape from Staples and it was manufactured in...FRAMINGHAM, MASS!! YESSSS. There are few things which I get verrrrrrry excited about, but being in the Midwest and reading things that have Framingham, MA on them definitely take the cake.
ok i am going to pittsburgh rather than going home, which may be fun and then i want to work for my dad like 7 days a week til camp to get some mula. ok i think im going to go now. it is being typed on pawlows computer which has enlarged the font so i do not know how long or short this is, but hopefully it is not of dinky size.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

its been a while...

so this past weekend was little 500. sooo much fun. SDT came in 31st, but they put up a good fight. boys race was even more fun. we woke up early to get ready and pregame. rachel pawlows parents were in our room while libby, steph beren and i took shots. needless to say, the race was not at all boring...but i don't even remember if i watched it or not. oh well. i bought dave robles a shirt because he associates my school with breaking away, so i thought it would be fun to own a real little 5 t-shirt...only problem is i do not have a car but i will find a way to get it over to the post office.
my sister emily has officially decided on university of maryland. i am very excited for her yet also confused. see she has this great benefits package at umass and my parents would not have to pay so much for her to go to school there, but her boyfriend is going to american, which i secretly believe swayed her decision. i am somewhat jealous because i wanted maryland so badly, but on the other hand, i am happy for her and am so happy that i am at indiana.
i am pretty sure one of my friends has removed me from his buddy list. how do i know? well whenever i IM him and he is away, his away message does not pop up in response to my IM. bizarre right? oh well...maybe i deserve it? i am not so sure.
i think i figured out what my dream job in the entertainment business would be. i want to be a foley artist. this person would be involved with tons of audio production and sound making, which i think i could really enjoy. i am also taking script writing next semester, which my dad tells me is a great field to go into, so we shall see about that. speaking of my dad, summer is coming up which means ill be working for him. yuck. its just not that type of year that a lot of people will be buying things aka slow days. oh well. must go back to writing my storyboard. byebye

Thursday, April 13, 2006

so the surprise went so well. my dad was shocked. it ended up taking FOREVER to get home cause i had to take logan express and i missed the first bus cause i went to pee and then had to wait another half hour and then the taxi from logan express to my house took like a year to come. but i walked in the door and everything worked out beautifully. i got to sleep in my bed last night after watching the sweetest thing on my laptop. much better than the cold dorm, let me tell you. so right before i left for home my watch broke and i obviously forgot it at school, but luckily i had 4 spares at home. unfortunately all of their batteries were dead so my mom took me to get them all new batteries and i now have 4 working watches!! woohoO! i am going to call swatch and see if theyll fix that watch for me.
my mom and i did tons of errands today which was nice. i love hanging out with her. then we got home and i painted my nails and registered for classes. i am waitlisted in 2, but all in all i think everything should work out. keep your fingers crossed.
ok so the next/last weeks of school are going to be so fast-paced. i have a storyboard, 2 tests, and 2 assignments due like this coming week. then its little 5!! woohooo parrrrrtay babayyy! ok then merdella comes and then i leave 5 days later. it is intense, let me tell you. i think i am ready for school to be over. i like not doing anything, but i will have to work for my dad, whichll be fine i am sure. then, i go to camp which i am hoping will be like school minus the school part aka leave in the social part. ok i have to get ready....we are going to the silvermans for seder.

Monday, April 10, 2006

so formal was fun. i was not going to go til taryn called me at 1 and found out her date was in jail. i ended up having a blast, though and allegedly snored really loud. oh well. someone broke into someone in our houses room and now there is investigations being had so we will not be having formal at the marriott in indy anymore. i mean it was fun while it lasted. today at formal we got yelled at for being disrespectful.
ok i just talked to russ online for literally over 2 hours. we talked about everything it seems. its so bizarre like him and i will talk maybe every other day just a hello and then we once in a while have these in depth conversations, which i absolutely love. he remembered what i wore at the last party we went to after senior year. steve and i are officially over, which officially SUCKS. i mean i am quite okay, but the thing is, i have never been "dumped." god it hurts. and now i have to be with him all summer. i will just have to avoid him. i do not understand boys; i think they have no brains or heart or something. or maybe i just act like i have no interest, so it does not matter. oh well...something will be done shortly about this.
i have so many papers due this week and yet i cannot seem to finish them early, like i had promised myself i would do. i have to pass them in early though, because i will be going home. WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

These are the people whom I love. These are the people that I miss and enjoy and understand and care for more than anyone I have ever met. This is my family and I am going to see them on April 12th. Wanna know how excited I am?? SOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!! I called my mom to tell her SDT was having a seder and she asked if I wanted to come home so I used my miles and am going home!!!!!!!!! I love countdowns to home. This one especially because no one but my mom knows I am coming home, so I will be able to stop lying and surprise people!!
let's see....i just returned home from the grocery store with gordo. that was a good time. red sox opening day was today and they won! this is going to be a good season...I can feel it. next semester i am living with brittany and sari aka yankees fans. excuse me while i barf. no but it is ok i will prove to them who the real champs are. also i am 6th on points, so i am pretty sure i will have a large quad, which will be wonderful.
i did relay for life this weekend and walked about 20 miles. it was intense. i had 3 visitors and a special caller. i will always do charity events. haha but it was very nice and despite the fact that i was exhausted and cranky i was really happy to do such a nice thing.
i am having the most awkward/funny conversation with jon kaufman. it is amazing to me what people say with a little booze in them. who cares about gefilte fish? not me...i don't eat things that have been in the ocean. and what is gefilte fish anyway? ok any feedback lemme know Posted by Picasa

Saturday, April 01, 2006

hey baby, whats on your mind?

ok sooo YAY INDIANA!!! Merd is coming to visit the last weekend of April! woopdeee wooop. ok so i cannot fall asleep due to the fact that i decided to go home for passover with only telling my mom. i am sooo excited except that now i have to look like i looked a month ago aka lose about 5 pounds in 2 weeks. i know i can do it, but i am laying in bed thinking about HOW i can do it. argh this makes me so angry. but wanna know how regardless? k, no more dessert and i will go to the gym classes. anyways...i bought my flight home ticket with miles. i have NEVER done that before, so that in itself was somewhat of a thrill.
tomorrow we start relay for life. it is a 22 hour walk for cancer. it is easier than dance marathon though because only one person has to be on the track at the time and we can sit down and nap if need be. i plan on walking as much as possible and its so funny cause lindsay and i used to walk and we'd save up things to tell each other, so we have been doing that. this may get more boring because of the fact that we will be continually riding in a circle.
in other news, i am getting soooooo excited about studying abroad. yes its a year away, but the fact is that this year went by so quickly, so im assuming these next months leading up to next year will go by just as fast. i have been looking up all this info on the indiana study abroad program, as well as the butler program. i just discovered i could go to new zealand, as well as austrailia...neat man.
libby is up as well as myself. i like it when shes awake. i can watch her from across the room...haha. shes currently checking her email. i am neurotic and can only keep 20 emails at maximum, but she is checking her like 175 emails now. silly. ok i am going to lay down. nighty night